Published short stories

Magie en Tovenaars – collection of short stories- Uitgeverij Keytree
Title  ‘Het geheime verlangen van de tovenaar’ (“The Wizard’s Secret Desire”)
Summary: Alistair, the city wizard, wants much more than what is asked of him.

The End – collection of short stories– Uitgeverij Keytree
Title: ‘Google review’
Summary: Lucas has been asked to give a hotel one of his well-known reviews. The night does not end as he hoped.


Waterloper verhalenwedstrijd
Stormvloedkering prijs
Title: ‘de fabelachtige erfenis van een legende’ (“The Fabulous Legacy of a Legend”)
Summary: Adam Helsen is a scientist who believes in his rational brain. When he receives a letter from an uncle he has never heard of, his world is turned upside down. Can he handle his new legacy and its most fantastic adventures?

Published stories and novels

Duistere geheimen (Dark Secrets) – collection of short stories– Brave New Books
De kliniek (the clinic) – Ellen Kusters: Victor and his friends organize a horror party in an abandoned psychiatric hospital. However, the party turns out differently than expected and when his mother finds out where the party was held, she becomes furious. Victor is determined to unravel the truth about the clinic, but he experiences strange emotions and things. As long as that ends well.
De verdwijning (the disappearance) – K.T. Sterling: Maya Kovac lives on a remote island. She meekly endures the hard hand of her parents. Fortunately, she finds sympathy with the fathers in the abbey. When it turns out that a priest has disappeared, and an inspector from the mainland arrives to investigate the disappearance, her world is turned upside down. Suddenly, Maya finds herself in the eye of the investigation. For the first time, she must learn to take control herself before the truth hits her hard in the face.

Meermintranen (Mermaidtears) – Uitgeverij Storyland

Rosalie seems to have it all: a good job, a girlfriend, but not everything is what it seems.
One day she is told that her grandmother has died. In the lakeside house where her grandmother lived, she discovers that she is in reality a mermaid.
Underwater a new world opens up for her. She is no longer “different” or “strange”, something that has been thrown at her all her life. There is also no stress and no responsibilities.
Rosalie faces a dilemma. Can she resist the call of the lake? Or would she rather give up her life above ground? Still, she has to keep her head, because an inspector is investigating her grandmother’s death. When malicious intent is suspected, she ends up in his vision.